Trying to Pass the Bill without Voting on it will Rank up with the Nebraska Kickback

Even the Dem supporters and defenders know they are down big in the whip count (this one is from FireDogLake) and even Clive Cook writing in the Financial Times acknowledges that the Dems have lost the war of public opinion:

the line taken by defenders of comprehensive healthcare reform goes like this. Yes, the public opposes the Democrats’ proposals, but it is the process more than the product that voters question.

But when supporters (Cook says he is one) warn the Dems of more process perversion, then you know it’s bad for the Dems:

In the last big push to get reform through, using whatever deals, scams, ruses and parliamentary evasions fall to hand, the public and their concerns are pushed ever more to the periphery of Washington’s vision.

The White House is supporting reconciliation – a procedure that allows the Senate to accept revisions to its bill by simple majority. This defeats the Republican filibuster. It also complicates the parliamentary process, since not all provisions are allowed under reconciliation.

Already beyond abstruse, now in the realm of surreal farce, the debate is thus becoming yet more inward-looking and unintelligible. Can language on abortion be included in a reconciliation measure? (Probably not.) Can the Senate parliamentarian be overruled? (What is the Senate parliamentarian?) All that is missing is a speech in favour of the plan by Groucho Marx. Recovering voters’ respect for the outcome, even assuming the outcome is good, looks an ever more distant prospect.

While the Democrats describe their policies as good, but the process hated, they are busily pouring gasoline on the we-hate-the-process-concerns of the voters and are fixing to get 3rd degree burns all over their body.

Does anyone know why the Dems are trying to pass the bill without voting for it?

Here is why: they do not have the votes to pass it on an up or down vote.

This latest Dem perversion of the process is the same reason they did the Louisiana Purchase and the Nelson Kick-back. They did not have the votes. So they paid off the Senators.

Just like before this Whip Count from The Hill shows they don’t have the votes to win.

So they are trying to pass the bill without voting on it. It is the only way they even have a shot, just a shot, at “passing” it.

There will be court challenges and the case will live on through the fall legally and politically.

Every Member of Congress who voted yes will be reminded of their corruption of the process during their re-election campaign.

Who is surprised the Dems change the rules to attempt (and will fail) to get their way?

They are so arrogant they do it even in the face of massive opposition from likely voters who hate ObamaCare.

Can you see why rational political observers think the Dems have truly lost their minds?

The Dems are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde — they need to locked up whenever the words health care reform are mentioned, so they do not do injury to themselves and others, including their voters (you know the people who get to pick if the Dems stay in their job.)

The Slaughter attempt to pass-it-without-voting-on-it will live on in the minds of the voters right up there with the Senator Nelson Kickback, and the Louisiana Purchase.

But the Dems are so blinded by desire to pass ObamaCare, they can’t see it the destruction they are doing to themselves, just like they could not see the backlash from the Ben Nelson Kickback and the Louisiana Purchase.

It does not even give them pause that they do not have the votes. Perhaps that’s a red flag? Not if you are delusional and irrational. It all seems normal to them.

Simply attempting to “pass the bill without voting on it” will cost the Dems the House.

Members of Congress have heard all about the “Cornhusker Kickback,” well just wait until they hear about “passing a bill without voting on it.” These will be dreaded words, sort of like: I voted for it right before I voted against it.

During the election, every Member of Congress will be asked: did you have an up or down vote on the ObamaCare? (Uh, no.) So you tried to pass it without voting for it? And you voted yes?

Toast. They are toast.

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