Is Passing Health Care Forgivable?

The vast majority of likely voters strongly oppose ObamaCare — and the best word to sum up the emotions and frustrations of those voters who have had to endure the insanity of the health care jihadists is that they hate ObamaCare.

And the two largest subsets of those strongly opposed are independents and senior citizens. Just ask Scott Brown’s campaign staff. He figured out real early that he could just walk into a nursing home and tell the seniors ObamaCare would cut half a trillion from Medicare.

Done. Next nursing home please.

And then, this fall in the mid-term elections, add ridicule to Medicare cuts: Washington thinks you can lower the deficit by spending $2.5 trillion on ObamaCare. Really. Congress says so.

Oh, lets also not forget the Senate. Their corruption of rules and fairness: the Christmas Eve vote, the buying and selling of an abortion vote and the Louisiana Purchase. (Senator Nelson and Senator Landrieu have already made one 60 second ad on, strangely, banking reform.)

When the Bluest of Blue states sends to Washington a Senator who campaigned on shooting ObamaCare in the head, the irrational response from the Dems is that they redouble their efforts to pass ObamaCare anyway.

The Dems message is one the likely voter is already familiar with when it comes to the Democrats and ObamaCare: we are not listening; we refuse to listen.

By the way, humans generally get really angry when they keep trying to speak up and be heard, but instead are ignored, dismissed and disrespected. They feel humiliated. They get angry. Humiliating and angering voters with the Dem’s open-wide-we-are-going-to-cram-this-down-your-throat will not be forgotten. Or forgiven.

And the stench of corruption continues: we are going to have a vote that passes the bill in the House without voting on it. Ignoring the Constitution and making up your own rules to force something on the country the public hates will result in a reaction that is not pleasant.

But the Dems think they are on a mission from God.

All in a year where Dems are down in the polls, Congress has never been more disliked by the average citizen and the Speaker’s approval rating is near pond-scum. ObamaCare even shaved a third of the Trillion Dollar President’s approval rating off his Oneness.

And ironically, Dems are being told that voting for ObamaCare is the morally right thing to do.

Is the right thing to politically destroy yourself, your friends and your colleagues?

Will the public forgive attempting to pass something they hate? Yes.

Will the public forgive passing something they hate? No.

Acting in your own political interest always trumps political suicide. Living to fight another day is not only moral, it is a smarter.

Unless, of course, you are irrational and delusional and committed to political suicide. Then, you are very dangerous and very scary. And Americans reactions to people and things that are very dangerous and very scary vary widely.

There are 34 No votes now, according to The Hill’s whip count. Just three more No votes means the bill dies. And there are dozens of Dems who are undecided.

While the White House and the Speaker may be hell bent on destroying themselves, their party and their colleagues politically, there are at least three more Dems who are not.

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