Axelrod, Gibbs, and Pelosi -- Why Not Vote Tomorrow?

Axelrod, message maven for Obama, says they will have the votes in the House. Really. It says so right here, on ABC NEWS.

And Chuck Todd of NBC News tweets:

Clyburn on #MTP (Meet the Press) says House Dems do NOT yet have the votes. Matches Pelosi who said “when you have the votes, you call the vote.”

AP is now also reporting the U.S. House Whip Clyburn admitting they do not have the votes. Up until now, Clyburn has been trying to dodge the vote count question by saying he did not have a bill to whip, because they don’t know what is in it. (Vapor bill, part infinite.)

But the crush of events has used up those who-me?-I-dunno excuses. Now, Clyburn must admit the truth, they don’t have the votes.

Meanwhile, at the White House, Gibbs is proclaiming that a week from today ObamaCare will be the “law of the land.”

But they still have not scheduled a vote. And the vote was Thursday, then Friday and now they are talking about Saturday.

Simply put, they do not have the votes, with or without there “we’re going to pass the bill without voting on it” outrage — during “Sunshine Week” for transparent government. Ha, ha, ha.