Political Instability and the Coming Defeat of ObamaCare

The media is now pulling out all the stops to help Obama win the House vote. They know he is in deep trouble and they need to help. And they will keep helping, reporting as if the vote is in the bag.

But do not fear. Jay Cost has the real house vote count. (Rep. Massa’s claims that he is the swing vote, notwithstanding.)

If you want to help, call the Members of Congress on Jay’s list, and follow it daily. Organize demonstrations in front of their offices. Put them on YouTube. Call them. Email them. Contribute money to their opponents. Seek out these Members of Congress in their districts. Button-hole them. Do not let up until the House votes. (Sorry Jay, your list is better than Minority Whip Cantor’s memo.)

There is more good news. Even former Majority Leader Senator Daschle, who has been the unseen hand pushing Obama on health care, says on video this is the end of the ObamaCare effort. After this, it is over.

By the way, ObamaCare did not die and rise back to life. It has been dead for a long time. The President, the Speaker, Axelrod and Plume keep insisting that it is alive because they live in a fantasyland bubble. (Don’t start living the dream too.) There is a view other than ObamaCare is dead or is alive. You could be like Hennessey: ObamaCare is both dead and alive. His piece is titled Health Care CPR, but in reality, Hennessey’s view is it is mostly dead.

The Speaker and the White House can not allow themselves to believe anything other than they will win, because they have developed the intellectual behavior of the politically irrational.

Look at this quote from fantasy-land-spinner-in-chief-David-Axelrod — the man the New York Times says is the last person the trillion dollar President talks to before making a decision:

“For me, the question is, why haven’t we broken through more than we have?” Mr. Axelrod said. “Why haven’t we broken through?”

Axelrod is asking the wrong question, obviously. The White House has broken through. It is just that the public is not buying what they are selling. The public knows what Obama and Speaker want. It is just that the public doesn’t want ObamaCare and are really pissed off that the Speaker and the White House can’t get that through their thick heads.

But the President’s number one advisor still thinks the public, if they just understood what they were selling, would support it. (The sinking polls for Obama obviously has nothing to do with ObamaCare.)

Then, mix in the Speaker’s irrational and unstable behavior on health care reform, and you have the makings of another health care train wreck. She is acting unstable. One day she insists the sky is yellow, then the next she says the sky is purple:

1) She said the House would not vote first. Now the House is voting first.

2) She said they could not pass the Senate bill in the House. Now she is forcing the House to pass the Senate bill.

3) She said they not and would not be a rubber stamp for the Senate. Now they must be a rubber stamp and pass the Senate bill without changing it.

4) She said she would force the Senate to prove they will act to change the bill before the House votes. Now she is not forcing the Senate to do anything to prove they will change the bill.

In fact, a growing number of House Members believe that if they pass the Senate bill unchanged, the President will sign it into law and then promptly announce they must move on to jobs, jobs, jobs.

Then, there will be no reconciliation effort. And the House Dems get hung out to dry again — voting for a health care bill they can not stomach, having to live with that vote, with no saving Senate bill to change the law.

Here is another Yes to No Vote, if the bill does not change.

Where is the mainstream media on the Speaker flip-flop story? No where. They missed it because they are too busy bootlicking ObamaCare, on their hands and knees.

And even as her flip-flops illustrate the Speaker’s irrationality, the MSM ignore it because they agree with the Speaker: they should and would do anything to pass ObamaCare. So political devastating changes in her strategy are ignored because doing anything in the name of passing ObamaCare is the right thing to do.

As has been the case for some time, the delusional and those lying to themselves and to the public are our real opponents.

They are also the ones that are trying to convince Members of Congress do political violence to themselves by voting for the unchanged Senate bill on the House floor.

And they have the complicity and full cooperation of the MSM.

But don’t worry. Keep fighting. Keep pounding the Cost whip count. They do not have the votes. If we keep hammering, they will not get the votes.

Members of Congress know that there is only one way to get on the right side of the public on this. Voting no will also to teach the Speaker and the White House a lesson for putting them through the meat grinder known as ObamaCare.

With defeat, the Speaker and the White House will be forced to listen next time, and the system will right itself because Members of Congress will have acted in their own political interest, something they should have been doing a long, long time ago. Just ask Rep. Pomeroy.