CBO Can't Score Obama's Vapor Bill -- there is No Legislative Language

The Congressional Budget Office Director, in today’s blog, says CBO cannot “score” or provide a cost estimate for Obama’s health care plan because CBO needs more detail.

It’s amazing, the Trillion Dollar President wants to change the world, but doesn’t have legislative language to do it. Not even to give to CBO. Where’s the bill?

The CBO Director went out of his way today (in the first two sentences) to say WE’VE NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE!

The opening from his blog:

“This morning the Obama Administration released a description of its health care proposal, and CBO has already received several requests to provide a cost estimate for that proposal. We had not previously received the proposal…”

And what sort of plan vapor bill do you make public without consulting with CBO?

One that you obviously don’t care how much you tax Americans, or how much you spend. Or because you do not know what to do about abortion.

It’s just another Vapor Bill advertised as being posted on the internet. Maybe the White House needs more than 13 months with The Trillion Dollar President in power to come up with the legislative language?

The White House knows CBO can’t score talking points. So, the obvious question is, what’s the cost? The Trillion dollar President and all the Senator and Members of Congress and the media do not know. CBO doesn’t know.

But even without a bill, the Dem House Whip says it will pass by a wider margin than the first House vote, and Senator McConnell is saying he is not sure he has the votes to stop it.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press is reporting:

“privately, a senior White House official sought to lower expectations, saying a solid single is better than striking out swinging for the fences. He spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

Liberal Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., one of the rank-and-file lawmakers who would have to close ranks to pass Obama’s proposal, questioned what’s left in it for him after the president decided to dump a government insurance option sought by progressives.

“For many of us, the House bill represented a series of difficult compromises, and if the president is going to ask us to compromise further to go toward the Senate, I have to ask who’s vote we’re getting,” Weiner said.

That means the plan is unlikely to pass without an all-out effort by Obama to muster votes from anxious Democrats. “I think all of us are going to have to sell this,” said Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., the third-ranking Democrat in the House. “The devil is in the details.”

If Obama ultimately settles for a pared-down plan, the final bill could look a lot like what Republicans have been calling for over many years.”

And finally, the White House has issued a threat to use reconciliation to pass ObamaCare if the GOP filibusters.

Let the Dems try to pass ObamaCare via reconciliation (see Senate rule expert Michael Hammond’s memo on reconciliation in my post below.)

If the Dems try it, they will be crushed by a bill being dragged through an endless process of more political pain and suffering.

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