The Meeting

No legislation will be signed as a result of the White House health care meeting.

Congress is politically radioactive. ObamaCare is hated. And never has a Speaker’s low approval rating created male-trance-like-obedience to injure themselves like some hilarious Super Bowl commercial.

According to the sisterhood-in-chief: Obama “signaled early on that he could be rolled when he ceded too much power to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in putting together the stimulus bill.” Note to historians: Obama’s ‘let Congress decide’ masked the legislative inability of the perpetual candidate, but also the fact he was rolled by her.

And does anybody believe that, to paraphrase Senator Rockefeller, the unbelievable President Obama can talk any thing into existence?

He does like to talk, just nothing happens.

Well, this happens: Dem poll numbers sink, and so do his. His approval rating on health care shows a total, systemic failure.

And a meeting is supposed to change this strategic disaster for the Dems?

The Speaker’s office is leaking to anyone who will listen (for the nth time): lets-go-reconciliation, it’s a “trick,” and we’ve decided.

This is what legislative strategy has come down to for the Dems: its-magic-rabbit-out-of-the-hat-time.

Regarding the endless-Speakerhood-of-the-traveling-pant on reconciliation: even if every U.S. Senator who is the Chairman of a Committee of jurisdiction starts a Committee mark-up, reconciliation is one of those mirages that distressed people see in it what they want. Only to be disappointed when it really is sand in the mouth.

And the Sisterhood keeps “threatening” reconciliation (oh no, not that) a three or four month process that will shred Senate Dems like they are cannon fodder for the sake of Obama’s and the Sisterhood’s dreaming in color. And then, after making the health care bill more liberal, House members get to vote walk the plank, again.

Thirsty for a life-giving health-care-water victory, Obama stands and says the structure of his bill must not change, but he will listen to Republican ideas.

And Speaker-whipped Obama will do as she says — and force him to force Senator Reid through the three or four month ObamaCare Senate seat killing zone.

Meanwhile, the President is convinced that he must walk the plank on health care. He likes doing it. He thinks it is moral and brave. He says if it costs him his election or, by extension, the Dem majority — oh well.

And Senator Reid is faced with the sisterhood irrationality and a politically suicidal President, while he is a walking dead man in his home state.

With the buy-off-policy-opposition-with-a-big-fat-U.S.-currency-printing-press-health-care-bailout installed in Louisiana and Nebraska no longer a politically credible option for the Dems, what will they do now? (See hat and rabbit, above.)

Really, following the advice and strategy of the team-train-wreck that brought you the political disaster known as the Hindenberg, er ObamaCare — what could possibly go wrong?

Heh, heh heh.