The 19 Televised Pleadings by Obama to the GOP on Health Care

The Dem-only, GOP stiff-arm that the Trillion dollar President has been treating the nation to for the last year on health care is supposed to go away in one televised meeting. After forcing the end of the only bi-partisan process in Congress and insisting that Congress go the Dem-only route — here are the 19 things the Trillion dollar President is really asking the GOP to help him do:

1) Please won’t you help us spend $2.5 trillion we don’t have?

2) Please won’t you join us in enraging the independent voters and your base?

3) Please won’t you believe that if I will agree with any of your policies, I can get Senator Reid and the Speaker to enact it?

4) Please help me take over the health care industry?

5) Please help me feel better about my repeated violations of my transparency campaign promises, hence, appearing on TV today?

6) Please help me out of this wheel-chair I’ve put myself in, after I broke my own back on health care reform?

7) Please help me appear as if I am listening to you and the American people?

8 ) Please help me force employers drop their employee health benefit and force workers into the government run health care system — er, exchange?

9) Please, please help me fund abortions with taxpayer dollars?

10) Please help me give illegals health benefits, paid for by citizens?

11) Please help me tax health insurance premiums, but not for my pals, the unions?

12) Please help me set up an “exchange” to control all aspects of every health insurance policy we will let an insurer sell?

13) Please help me cut Medicare by half a trillion dollars, and use it to fund the destruction of our health care system?

14) Please help me force every American to buy health insurance — whether they can afford it or not?

15) Please help me pay for my government take over of health care by taxing the young and the married?

16) Please help me empower the Secretary of HHS to put restrictions on Health Savings Accounts?

17) Please help me create a health care database that tracks gun ownership?

18) Please help me put the government in charge of rationing care?

19) Please help me feed the moral arrogance of Democrats by allowing me to lecture you and the American people on health care one more time?

In these situations, after being pilloried, ignored and attacked by the President, who now says he wants to talk to Republicans in front of the cameras, “You just don’t get it, do you Mr. President?” is not an unreasonable response.

But really, it is a last gasp of desperation on the part of the White House, where the next verse will be — see, we tried to work with the Republicans and they just said no — just what the American public wants.