NYT: Liberal Admits Health Reform is Suicidal for Dems -- urges doing it anyway

This a classic case of attempted big-man-chest-beating, that comes off as kinda-whine-y — as in, do you want some cheese with that whine? — when Shrum attempts to rally defeated, wounded and shell-shocked troops.

And this is now what passes as the top Dem political advice on why Congress should pass health care:

“A PPP poll shows that by itself the act of passing the bill cuts independent support for Republicans by six points. And that’s before the law goes into effect and people figure out that there are no death-panels, rationing schemes, or cuts in Medicare benefits. If the majority party can’t figure out both the moral imperative and the electoral calculus of health care, then it doesn’t deserve to be in the majority [sniff].”

Let’s just say the poll question about a hypothetical is accurate (in a land called Candyland) — the absolute pounding the Dems would take leading up to what would be a failed attempt to pass it, would cost the Dems far more than the six points they would gain in the fantasy-land world of passing he bill.

Oh, and recent history does not support the PPP poll findings. After the Senate passed health care circa Christmas, 2009, Scott Brown’s campaign caught fire (his poll numbers spiked up and what’s-her-name’s dropped. The public, even in the Bluest States, really, really do HATE ObamaCare.)

So, please Dems, listen to the Speaker and David Axelrod and the other delusionals — do health care again, in the Senate — soon.

We have so many, many things planned.

Well, there is one other thing. Seems that the truth as it is known among the old-line, hard-core leftist members of Congress is finally breaking into the light of day, via the NYT whose story by Robert Pear is titled, “Democrats Ask, Can Health Care Bill Be Saved?”:

“Representative Jim McDermott, Democrat of Washington, said the bill was so important that Democrats must be willing to take political risks to pass it.

“Look at Winston Churchill,” Mr. McDermott said. “He wins the Second World War, and they throw his government out at the next election. If you believe in a democratic Parliament or Congress, you have to accept that doing the right thing might get you ejected.”

This is something you’ve been reading here for, well, a very long time. They are suicidal. They really are the Jonestown Kool-Aid Brigade. (It has to be true, I read it in the New York Times.)