Does 'Letting Congress Decide' Mask the White House's Legislative Inability?

Senator Franken (D-MN), not known even in his short time in the Senate for his ability to play well with others, may have laid bare the lack of ability to pass legislation by the White House, which they mask as “we’ll let Congress decide.” (Senator Obama’s legislative achievements were, well, thin.)

Franken was reportedly enraged by the President dictating to the Senate to finish the job of health care reform. Moe Lane has reported on this, here, with his usual wit and insight, which I recommend reading.

Franken freaked, and likely believes that the imperious Presidential dictate on health care was masking inexperience, ignorance and an inability to pass big ticket items — while at the same time shifting blame to Congress.

Neat trick by the Trillion Dollar President. Clinton tried something like it (Morris called this different version of the same concept, triangulation) and it worked for a while, until Congress caught on.

The recent health care pounding has probably woken Congress up, and their sensors are at maximum. Now, they have locked on to what the White House is doing to them, which will likely not at all help pass Obama’s grand schemes for health care, energy, and banks.