"Full Bluff Mode"

As the reality of the political and economic situation that the White House and the country finds itself in — brought on to us by that February rite of passage, the budget — health care reform is fading in the rear window.

Highly unpopular, expensive, politically painful for proponents and manna from heaven for opponents — there was one Dem who was consistently correct and brave about what health reform would bring his party. He is the Dean of the sane Dems on health care, Lawrence O’Donnell, who was the Democratic staff director for the Senate Finance Committee during the 1993-94 Clinton health care debate.

And O’Donnell says the Dems are “in full bluff mode.”

He right, of course. It’s not much of a bluff, since everyone knows the Dems have a weak hand — except for Speaker Pelosi, the Trillion Dollar President and David Axelrod. (This graph will help you visualize the pair of twos the White House and the Speaker are holding.)

The main question is not whether the Dems have a weak hand, it is whether the Trillion Dollar President and the Speaker are so out of touch, so self-destructive and so arrogant that they will try again.

O’Donnell also points out “There’s no such thing as ‘Let’s take a pause in legislating so that we can gain momentum on it.’ It’s insulting.”

I salute O’Donnell, and salute his courage to say what he thinks on Morning Joe.

I really, really cannot stand cowards. O’Donnell is courageous. He is not like the rest of his clan who sat there and watched their pals and colleagues be politically destroyed by the Jonestown Kool-Aid Brigade force-feeding the public and Congress health care reform, but who were too weak, too stupid and too cowed to stand up for themselves and their colleagues.