Union Leader Trumka: Health Bill could Cause Repeat of 1994 in 2010

H/T America’s Blog, from Sam Stien at the Huffington Post:

“It could well be” a recipe for disaster in 2010, [AFL-CIO president Richard] Trumka told a group of reporters. “I just came back from southern California. I was in five or six places out there… it is amazing the number of people that come up to you unsolicited and say, ‘I’m really worried about this health care bill.’”

Asked if he thought union and non-union workers will stay at home if health care reform (as outlined by the Senate) is passed into law, Trumka replied: “That could very well happen. A bad bill could have that effect… an [election] where people sit home. It could suppress votes… Look at what happened in ’94.”

Tues AM: Do you think that the rank and file union members will ever forget the Trillion Dollar President taxing their health plans?

How do you think the rank and file union member will react when their union leaders cut a deal with the White House to have their health plans taxed?