The Dozen Sacrifices Demanded by the Dems' Pagan God of Health Care Reform

The reason that health care reform has previously never passed, is that the smart Democrats stopped themselves when the political costs of health care reform were weighed against their gains.

But Crusaders do not measure the costs. They fight until they and all around them die.

And the leaders of the Crusaders tell their own — ignore the costs! We must! We must! We must cram it down their throats! This is a moral battle.

So, when Howard Fineman writes that uh, guys, by the way, the uninsured don’t vote, but those who do vote will see health care premium increases, you know that at least some of their own are warning the Democrats of the sacrifices they are making to their health reform God.

The list of their sacrifices to this pagan God is long, here are but a dozen:

1. The Dems will likely lose control of the U.S. House and lose between four and six U.S. Senate seats, mainly because they have enraged the public with their willful refusal to listen. (A public who wants Congress to do nothing, nothing at all on health care;)

2. The Trillion Dollar President’s approval rating will keep tanking, and stay below 50% and its precipitous decline is due to principally only one thing — health care reform;

3. The promise if you like your plan can keep it is another principle sacrificed on the altar of the God, so much so that Democrats don’t even repeat it for fear of ridicule; (The blow-back when employers start dropping coverage and putting people into the government run health care machine will be brutal.)

4. Senior citizens — among the most strongly opposed to this plan — will turn out in very high numbers to vote against the Democrats. Senior citizens will get massive cuts to Medicare to subsidize the uninsured, all while they are sold out by their lobby, the AARP, who sacrificed their own members’ interests to the God of health care reform.

5. Liberal Democrats will have sacrificed their principles for a single-payer system or a Medicare buy-in, in return for a plan that taxes Americans to pay their arch enemy, private health insurers;

6. Liberal Democrats will have sacrificed their principles on their pro-abortion beliefs by restricting access to government funded abortions;

7. Liberal Democrats will have sacrificed their main supporters, their grassroots activists and unions on the alter of health reform — by taxing union health care plans;

8. Liberal Democrats will have sacrificed their support for illegal immigrants receiving health reform benefits on the alter of health reform by passing a bill that bans it;

9. Liberal Democrats will have sacrificed their principles of being opposed to a government mandate to force Americans to buy insurance from private insurers;

10. The Trillion Dollar President has sacrificed his moderate image in the eyes the American public, and convinced them that he is a radical Crusader who is arrogant and who is destroying his party to protect his Presidency. (Think the Joker — self-destructive arrogance.)

11. The Crusade has convinced the public that there are no “moderate” Democrats — Senators Bayh, Webb, Lincoln, Landrieu, Nelson, McCaskill etc. have been exposed as big liberal, tax-and-spend enablers; and

12. Every other initiative that the Democrats care about: Cap and Trade, Immigration Reform, Financial Services Reform are threatened now by the political environment that the Crusaders have put their fellow Democrats in — so that now, any event — like the underwear bomber — causes disruption to an unstable political party and coalition.

Crusaders won’t listen. This we have seen writ large. They are on a mission from God — their pagan health reform God. On second thought, perhaps the Democrats are like health care jihadists — suicide bombers intent on politically killing themselves for their own health care God’s promise of moral purity.

The reason they Dems can’t see this themselves is they just cannot believe that helping the uninsured is causing them to sacrifice so many of their principles. They think — it cannot be true! But it is true.

They are killing off the chances of passing all of their other agenda items, and by sacrificing so many of their principles to the pagan health reform God, they have left their own supporters disgusted and listless.

But to their opponents — the sacrifices made to the Pagan God have resolved them to do everything they in their power to stop these radical, dangerous people who have their hands on the public treasury and who are putting us deeper into debt — and who will not listen. It is a politically toxic combination.