Found on a Billboard Near Sen. Nelson's Home Town

Who Jokerized Senator Nelson — Michelle Malkin: “Nebraskans have Jokerized Ben Nelson. (Or rather, he Jokerized himself, didn’t he?)”

Here is another version of Nelson as the Joker done by RedState’s bkeyser (note the Planned Parenthood backdrop.)

The art work of the first famous Joker, of the Trillion Dollar President, was done by a Kucinich for President supporter.

Was this done by a Progressive who has had just about as much as they can take of ObamaCare?

There is thunder on the left about ObamaCare. This post is particularly interesting, titled ObamaCare “is just another bailout of the financial system” (from NakedCapitalism) or this one from the SmirkingChimp (a real crowd pleaser) “Paul Krugman’s Health Care Sell-Out: The Health “Reform” Bill in Congress Is Worse than Nothing.”

Then again, this doctor from Friend, Nebraska is really, really angry — did she do it?