The Trillion Dollar President's War on the Word Terror

Does anyone believe that The Trillion Dollar Health Care President — as in, all he can do is spend and print a trillion dollars — cares one wit about the war on terror?

This is the same Trillion-Dollar-all-I-care-about-is-health-care-President who strains mightily to ever use the word terror, or the phrase war on terror.

His Homeland Secretary went a whole hearing with out using the word terror, but prefers the term a “man-caused disaster.”

This is the same President and White House who refused to term the Fort Hood attacks by a deranged Muslim terror — and had to be dragged kicking and screaming to any where near that point only because of an email trail by the shooter to radical clerics and websites.

I’ll bet the only reason that President Obama waited three days to make his statement about the system’s failure is that the White House took a poll which showed the Trillion Dollar Health Care President being pummeled.

So, let’s get straight what happened. (Our own little review.) First, the woman who refuses to acknowledge or use the word terror is in charge of, well, protecting us from terror. Great start. This is logical if you want to cram down (a la health care) people’s throats the message that we are not at war — even if we are.

Did you know the I’m-in-charge-of-security-but-can’t-use-the-word-terror-Secretary said there is “no indication of a larger plot?.”

Obviously, she lied. She knew better. But when there is no war on terror and you are not allowed to say the word terror, it is better to lie and say any attack is not part of a larger plot. (On the how-to-cram-down-list-of-things-to-do, rule number one is to lie and deny any attack is part of a larger plot.)

The Secretary’s lie about this attack not being part of a larger plot is far worse than her “system worked,” idiot-icy. And the intelligence community immediately began leaking details about the larger plot, to spite her. This is the second time al Queda used this explosive — the first was an attempted assassination of the Saudi Prince in charge of Saudi anti-terror and security. As CNN reported:

On August 28, the Saudi Arabian deputy minister of interior, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, survived a bombing attack launched by an al Qaeda cell based in Yemen, Saudi Arabia’s southern neighbor.

Abdullah Hassan al Asiri, the would-be assassin, a Saudi who had fled to Yemen, posed as a militant willing to surrender personally to Prince Nayef.

Because he leads Saudi Arabia’s counterterrorism efforts against al Qaeda, the prince is a key target for the terrorist group.

Al Asiri concealed the bomb, made of PETN, in his underwear, according to the official Saudi investigation.

Secretary-I-won’t-use-the-word-terror-we-are-really-at-peace-don’t-you-know, has another problem with her lie that the attack is not part of a larger plot: al Qaeda took responsibility for the attack.

Oh, and then there this: the underpants bomber told his American interrogators:

“The suspected bomber, 23-year-old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, told FBI agents he was trained for his Christmas Day mission in Yemen by top leaders of al Qaeda who provided him with the explosive materials.”

British intelligence says there are at least 25 British Muslims in Yemen training to be plane bombers, and the Nigerian Underpants Bomber says there are many more bombers like him while the Foreign Minister of Yeman puts the the number at 200 or 300.

If you are a President or Secretary of Homeland Security who believes that the Muslim terror is really about economic injustice and not ideology or a religious fervor to impose your beliefs through violence, you must really hate the fact that the Underpants Bomber is a rich kid of jet-setting privilege.

Former Vice President Cheney was exactly right when he said the Trillion Dollar President was “trying to pretend” we are not at war.

But it really is far worse than the Trillion Dollar President just pretending, he is de facto instructing all those in the King’s Court to pretend too — and so the I’m-in-charge-of-security-but-won’t-use-the-word-terror-Secretary pretends, and lies to the American public, so she can keep pretending that there is no larger plot.

Apparently, just by banning the word terror or war on terror — didn’t you know — the terrorists will stop. And leaders that lie to themselves and the American public about the threat make you feel so safe, don’t they? (If you lie about the threat, you don’t have to take it seriously.)

To say Secretary-I-won’t-use-the-word-terror looks like a complete idiot is an understatement. Is it any wonder why members of the global elite are writing that Obama has a Jimmy Carter problem?

What is the sickest part of all of this comes next. This is when the the I’m-in-charge-of-security-but-can’t-use-the-word-terror-Secretary and the Trillion Dollar President start blaming the CIA and the intelligence community — the very people whose hands have been tied up, who have been told to sit in the corner while the structure of the war-on-terror is dismantled — because there is no war.

Yes, the liberals hate the action arm of the war-on-terror. And the Trillion Dollar President and the the I’m-in-charge-of-security-but-can’t-use-the-word-terror-Secretary will not miss the opportunity to blame and attack them — after the very same people attacking the intelligence community have neutered them, demoralized them and driven the best and brightest out.

You see it all makes sense now, doesn’t it? You just have to close your eyes and keep telling the American public there is no larger plot of extremists out to kill innocent Americans. If it appears there is a plot, part of their war against the word terror, then plan A is say the system worked and to lie about evidence of a larger plot, and plan B is to blame the intelligence community.

What worked was the brave passenger who subdued the richie-rich pants bomber — but not to win a key battle during the war against terror — no, according to the doublethink play-book, it was to prevent a man-caused disaster. Got that? There will be a mid-term test in early November 2010 when you pull a leaver, electronically take the test or mark your answer with a pencil, depending on where you live.