Daily Kos: Since Bill is Dead, You are Now Weapons-Free on ObamaCare

Daily Kos, essentially with this post, is telling the left to go-ahead and beat ObamaCare to a pulp because it is not going to pass anyway. It’s a message to the liberal base: you are now officially in weapons-free status on ObamaCare.

And what post caused me to come to this conclusion? Daily Kos posted the audio of Senator Nelson’s recent radio interview in Lincoln, Nebraska. And Daily Kos comes to the following conclusions about the interview, which I agree with:

“Nelson’s key points:

1. Asked if he would vote for cloture even if his initiative to restrict abortion were adopted, Nelson flatly said “no.”

2. Nelson not only said a vote before Christmas was not feasible, he joked about it taking until next Christmas.

3. Nelson said unless the bill’s Medicaid expansion provisions were made optional he would oppose cloture.

4. Nelson said the bill’s revenue provisions were unacceptable because the economy was bad.

5. Nelson said because the subsidies which provide the bill’s coverage expansion couldn’t be paid for without additional revenue, they needed to be “scaled-back”

6. Nelson also that unless cost control were addressed first, coverage couldn’t be expanded.

“In sum: unless Ben Nelson is bluffing, the only way he will vote for cloture is if abortion is restricted, the subsidies are whacked, the revenue provisions are nuked, and its Medicaid expansion is gutted. Oh, and he doesn’t think there’s any chance of it happening by Christmas.

“So now that Ben Nelson has named his price (not that he can’t move the goalposts again), Democratic leadership must choose one of three scenarios: (a) cave in to Nelson’s demands Lieberman-style, thereby eliminating any pretense of this being a good bill; (b) call Nelson’s bluff and schedule a cloture vote without satisfying his demands; or (c) abandoning negotiations with Nelson and choosing instead to pursue reconciliation.”

This just in from Talking Points Memo:

“MoveOn.org is asking its members to send letters to their senators asking them to oppose the health care bill entirely.”

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