When to Pull the Plug on Health Care Reform? Can you say Weekend at Bernie’s?

It’s the new death panel debate — when to pull the plug on health care reform?

As a pro-lifer, I think the Dems should never pull the plug, just keep health care reform on the Senate floor throughout the entire month of December and January and into early February.

Push the State of the Union back to Valentine’s Day, and see if that’s enough time.

I say, let the Dems pull a weekend-at-bernie’s with ObamaCare — hey, it worked in the movie.

Really, this will cause the Dems poll numbers to tank even further — have you seen the USA Today graph of the U.S. President’s approval ratings since World War II? The trillion dollar President’s graph line (in gray) is almost straight down.

According to the Democrats, health care has had absolutely, positively, nothing whats-so-ever to do with the drop like a rock phenomenon. Yep, they are like the woman in the taming of the shrew, it is day when it is really night (and they say it with such conviction) — BRAVO, BRAVO.

The longer health care hangs out there on the Senate floor, the worse the politics are for the Dems. They have been completely irrational to-date on the politics of health care, refusing to see the truth about it’s impact on the President or their Congressional majority — so they might as well keep “dancing with a corpse.” According to a piece in Politico today, this is the phrase that Clinton White House officials used when it was clear that health care was dead — but President Clinton refused to recognize that fact — and kept dancing with a corpse.

Let’s hope the music just plays on, and the Dems keep up their dance with the dead ObamaCare. It has been grinding down the Dems politically, and the farther along the legislative process the Dems get, the lower their poll numbers get.

As long as they keep telling themselves lies like, once-we-pass-it-our-polling-numbers-will-get-better, and go against the clear majority of Americans who are now polling that they would rather Congress do nothing on health care — their irrational political behavior will reap huge gains for conservatives and Independent voters.

And the great thing about this is they want to keep trying, they want to keep losing. I say, go ahead, knock yourselves out.