ObamaCare Supporters Have Been Wrong About Everything

To the Democrats, the ends justify the means to pass health care. Speaker Pelosi is widely rumored to have told an assembled K Street cognoscenti that she would sacrifice 30 Democratic House seats to get health care reform passed — and, of course, she said “We would do almost anything to pass a healthcare bill.”

The White House has convinced itself that it in the interest of all Democratic Members of Congress for ObamaCare to pass.

But the reality is that ObamaCare is a political failure, and therefore it is not in the political interest of Members of Congress to pass ObamaCare.

But the entire MSM, the White House, the House and Senate Dem Leadership, the majority of the Democratic Coalition and most of the outside factions of the Democratic Party’s coalition is pumping the airwaves and blogosphere full of their latest pack of lies and disinformation:

1) reconciliation is back on the table;

2) the trillion dollar President is going to cut an abortion deal with Senator Casey of Pennsylvania;

3) Senator Snowe and Senator Collins “must be in play,” for a new vapor deal; and,

4) the all time favorite: something will pass.

Actually, a google search for the term “something will pass” turned up 1.75 million hits (really).

The “something will pass” crowd know nothing about health care politics, or about Senate procedure or rules.

In fact, Speaker Pelosi used this line successfully on the newbie, dumber-than-a-box-of-rocks House members to get them to walk the plank, and vote for ObamaCare. She and her sacrificial lambs were warned about walking the plank, but the little baby lambs believed the crowd-that-has-never-been-correct-about-healthcare-politics.

For example, world-class Jonestown Kool-Aide brigade members like Jim Cooper of Tennessee announced that he was voting for health care reform to move the process forward and force the Senate to move. Uh, huh. It showed a reckless ignorance and politically dangerous disregard for reality. This, in fact is what the Dem Leadership has accelled at on health care: a dangerous disregard for political reality.

Or, how about several weeks ago when Senator Durbin was pounding the tables during Sunday morning talk shows about how the Democrats were going “to pass health care without the Republicans,” and the Democrats were “going to go it alone.”

Hey Senator Durbin, go ahead, knock yourself out.

They have been told repeatedly by pollster after pollster that they were committing political suicide. They continue anyway — remember this favorite: if we pass health care reform in the House, our polls will improve?

They are simply making it up as they go along, and they cannot be trusted to say any single thing that is accurate about health care politics. They are wrong now. They have been wrong all along. And their desperation is driving them to make up rationales that the MSM print as if they were carved on stone tablets and handed down from Mount Sinai.

The MSM do it all the time and never have learned their lesson. They can’t learn their lesson because they are so arrogant they can not conceive that anyone could be against health care reform — NO not THAT. They universally reject political reality because they are liberal mush-heads who buy the pablum being served by — pick one: Senator Reid, the Speaker or the White House.

The Dem establishment is more desperate than a junkie overdue for their next hit — and the boot-licking media loves to churn out the latest Dem fantasies on health care. Exhibit Z was the Reid Vapor Deal.

Just 100% fiction — Senator Reid dreaming in color — but it was reported as fact.

On health care reform, everyone for it has repeated and consistently and naively — in truly P-o-l-l-y-a-n-n-a fashion — have been wrong about everything.

It is the only consistent thing that has happened in this health care reform fiasco, the supporters have been wrong about everything. Wrong about the politics of health care reform, wrong about its cost, wrong about spending their political capital on health care, wrong about the public option, wrong about abortion being a non-factor, wrong about cutting Medicare, wrong about expanding Medicare, wrong about the Health Information Exchange, wrong, wrong and just plain wrong.

They are choking on their own propaganda right now because they have the Pelosi disease: they are blind ideologues who do not care about the political consequences of their irrational health care quest.