Business Roundtable Finds Dems Don't Deliver

I am shocked that the Business Roundtable, having had their CEO egos stroked at the White House by the President, are now finding themselves on the short end of the stick with ObamaCare! How surprising! I would have never guessed that would be the outcome!

But after being used like a prop from central casting the Business Roundtable are finding the bill will hurt their companies.

Naturally, the Business Roundtable is trying — too late — to get some changes. Seems they just found out they’ve been had.

I wonder, does the Business Roundtable have 60 votes to change the bill on the Senate floor?

My guess is NOT — so, you Business Roundtable, have been used and abused. Did you know you needed 60 votes?

The Business Roundtable cannot just call up the Senate and have them change the bill. It is too late for that, and by the way, when your pals the Dems were behind closed doors, that’s when they went after you. But they did call you to apologize, right? (They were sooo sorry, but they could not do anything about it.)

Did the Business Roundtable really think that after giving all that political cover to the Dems, they would remember and fix the bill — when they have to convince their ultra liberal members to make changes to protect large corporations?

What planet was the Business Roundtable living on? I know, planet-I’ve-been-rode-hard-a-put-away-wet. Yes, that’s the one. You spell it: P-o-l-l-y-a-n-n-a, that is with a capital P.

Perhaps those CEOs remember what President Eisenhower said about having a friend in Washington? (Oh, that’s right, none of them have political science degrees. They were playing with dynamite, but aren’t qualified. And now they cannot stop the bomb going off, unless they oppose the bill.)

And perhaps the Business Roundtable will understand that when they come knocking on the Republican’s door for the votes they need, Republicans may not be paying much attention or all that interested in helping — since they are trying to remove the Samari sword the Roundtable put through their back.

Since the Business Roundtable can’t fix the bill, they must oppose.

Happy trails Business Roundtable.