The Accelerating Political Failure of ObamaCare

ObamaCare is a political failure.

The polling data has confirmed it — repeatedly, but recently, the already bad polls have taken a radical drop. You see the average of many, many polls put together by Pollster.com and it is frightening that the Democrats are still desperately attempting to pass something Americans do not want.

ObamaCare’s political failure will lead to its legislative failure.

The only question is when. ObamaCare is a dog that won’t hunt. It won’t even get off the porch.

In an non-Presidential election year, seniors make up a disproportionate share of the voting public.

And this is why the following polling information, which correlates with other independent polls done by, for example, Bloomberg, is so devastating. Even when the polling sample favors Democrats, here are the results:

“voters 55 and older opposed health care reform being debated by congress by 48-39%, with intensity running strongly against the legislation’s proponents (40% strongly opposed versus 25% strongly support). This opposition correlated with pluralities [other demographic groups] now holding a favorable view of Republicans in Congress (46% favorable-42% unfavorable) and an unfavorable view of Democrats in Congress (44% favorable-45% unfavorable), despite the partisan identification of the sample favoring Democrats.”

In short, the 55 year olds and older simply do not believe what the President and the Democratic Congress are saying about ObamaCare:

“Perhaps more important politically, Independents 55 and older now oppose health care reform by a 52% to 33% margin, view Republicans in Congress favorably (44% to 41%) and view Democrats in Congress unfavorably (52% to 31%).

“These voters over 55 rejected every key element of the Obama Administration’s arguments in favor of their reform effort, specifically concluding that enactment of health care reform now being debated in Congress would increase rather than decrease their health care costs (61%-14%), insurance and Medicare premiums (61%-13%), the federal deficit (68%-7%) and taxes (76%-3%) and would decrease rather than increase the quality of their health care (41%-22%).”

Why don’t the Democrats just stop? Good question. But every day they continue they are just hurting themselves more, and more — and this is where the arrogance of the White House and the Democratic Leadership prevents them from not inflicting massive injury on themselves.

It is their arrogance that makes them refuse to cut their losses, which are mounting everyday (look again at the trend lines in the Pollster.com graph) and it is their arrogance that makes them believe that doing exactly the opposite of what the public wants is smarter politically than just ending their own political pain and ending the ordeal they have put the public and their own elected officials through. Political greed (I want it now, I want it all) is causing them to dream in color about their historic moment.

Arrogance and greed are two of the most powerfully destructive characteristics known to man, and they lead inevitably to a fall.