“There is a worry that Sen. Nelson means business,” — Dem Aide says

And all the kings horses, and all the kings men, couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again…OK, we aren’t there, yet.

But the left is starting to flex its muscles and are beginning to be annoyed, and really concerned about all the compromises that have been made thus far.

The pro-abortion forces know that there is a good chance the bill will not go to conference, where the leadership can change it at will. The first thing that would go would be the abortion restrictions — but having a House-Senate conference is not a certainty. The fastest way to the President’s desk, is to send the Senate bill directly to the House for an up or down vote – if it passes.

As you, dear reader know, I do not think the bill will make it past the Senate floor, but many on both sides disagree — pessimistic opponents and rose-colored-glasses-wearing-proponents. I am mentioning the “ping-pong” strategy of skipping conference because the pro-abortion forces cannot take the risk that Senator Nelson’s demands make it into the bill and the bill goes to the House, without going to (as they see it) the cleansing conference. (I am assuming, in this the bill will die prediction, that the Senate GOP Leadership stops their insane agreements to Senator Reid’s unanimous consent requests. As long as ObamaCare is on the Senate floor, Republicans must stop agreeing to any unanimous consent agreements regarding votes on amendments — but more on this in another post.)

Enter, on Friday, Senator Nelson’s “line in the sand” comment and Politico’s story with the following quote:

“I don’t ordinarily draw a line in the sand, but I have drawn a line in the sand,” Nelson said Friday.

There are those who will say that Senator Nelson will fold like a house of cards and cave on his demands, but here is what Politico is reporting:

“There is a worry that Sen. Nelson means business,” said a senior Senate Democratic aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss strategy. “Unlike with public option, there is very little ground liberal Democrats are willing to give on this issue. Abortion, not the public option, may be the cause of our first official defection.”

The dirty little secret among the Democratic Senate leaders is that their consensus call on the abortion issue, their collective and conventional wisdom was that they could roll the pro-abortion Senators. Maybe they could have if Stupak had not passed the House, but now the pro-abortion forces must win. They have no choice. (From their perspective, they are incredulous that they are facing massive abortion restrictions when their friends and allies are running the show — President Obama is in the White House and the Democrats control both Houses of Congress. Political shock to any constituency usually means anger.)

Senator Nelson, however, is effectively kicking sand in their face by making sure that God and everybody knows that he is going to prevent abortion being funded by taxpayer funds in this bill.

The size of the loss of the by the pro-abortion forces in the House was another shock to both sides of the debate, and if the pro-abortion forces lose again in that Senate they will begin to face a series of restrictions on abortion in the years ahead since they are clearly weak, (and weakness invites pain in Washington,)

So again, the health care debate hits the pause button on the issue of killing babies with taxpayer funds.

And over the next week we will find out if the pro-abortion forces will be rolled in the Senate, as the Democratic leadership believes, or, if the pro-abortion forces will find a Senator or Senators to draw their own line in the sand.

Stay tuned, but the Senate health bill is weak on its feet, and swaying with the repeated body blows it is taking, as the Democrats in Congress and the President continues to sink in the polls.

The fact that the entire health bill has been a political failure for the trillion-dollar President and the Democratic Congress is beginning to catch up with the Democrats. This is merely a symptom of a that political failure.

The Dems safest political option is walk away and let the bill die. It will surprise me if the risk adverse members of the Senate do not take the safest route, pounding their chest about abortion or the public option as the cover story for letting the bill die.

And given Obama’s political weakness, his cries about destroying his Presidency are moot, since he and his Jonestown Kool-Aid gang (here, drink this, everything will be fine — we promise we can revive you) at the White House has had the greatest hand in its destruction. Congress is not responsible, nor can it undo the self-inflicted damage — except to stop continuing political injury being caused by ObamaCare.