First Dem Amendment Fails, Mikulski Aides say there Won’t be a Vote

What is happening in the U.S. Senate you ask?

A whole lot of old Senators giving long health care speeches.

But in the news today, the media discovered the, the (wait for it) — the filibuster.

Turns out that the Mikulski amendment — designed to give the pro-abortion forces in the U.S. Senate a victory — was, well, you know (it starts with an “a” and is seven letters and ends in a “ted.”)

And the pro-abortion forces take their second defeat, first Stupak in the House, and now Mikulski in the Senate. Going with the Mikulski amendment first (abortion) does show a whiff of fear on the part of Democrats, eager to placate that group of voters, which, of course, now has had the opposite effect.

It turns out it is really, really, really hard to amend this bill on the Senate floor (see link to NYT above.)

That means the Dems are going to find it impossible to pull the public option out of the bill, and making other changes to the bill to pick up votes will be equally difficult.

Will Senators Burris or Sanders vote to pull the public option out of the bill? Not likely, given that they have both said they will vote against any bill that does not have a public option. What about Senators Rockefeller and Franken?

And if the Dems can’t pull the public option out, then they will lose Senator Lieberman’s vote on the cloture vote on the bill, and it dies.

Then why are they still on the bill? Why are they antagonizing the public with their quixotic quest, while the economy burns?

Senator Reid is essentially in some sort of strange death dance, where he pours gasoline all over the Senate floor and prepares to self-immolate.

But the Dems cannot help themselves. They cannot stop themselves. They will keep marching, right off the cliff.

They should fold. They would lose less politically. That is what you do when you have a losing hand — especially if you’ve over played it — you fold.

But they won’t, yet.