The Buying of Mary Landrieu

HOE-HOE-HOE, oh, it’s not Christmas — yet. But Harry Reid is playing the sit-on-my-lap-Santa to lap-dog Senator Mary Landrieu, with a $100 million surprise. (They look so cute.)

Why not buy Senator Landrieu for $100 million, since the United States is electronically creating $1 trillion a year to finance our debt, what’s another $100 million?

When the crash comes, this is will be Exhibit A of how the Democrats do not care about your tax money, how they are greedy and irresponsible with public monies and why they cannot be trusted with their hands on the U.S. currency printing press. They cannot say no. They keep spending and spending and spending and they will never stop.

Aside from the moral and financial implications of this sorid tale — the politics of it make little sense.

(Here is the let me get this straight moment:) giving Mary Landrieu $100 million for Medicaid (the Federal and State funded program to provide health care to the low-income) will help her politically because (please take the multiple choice quiz below):

a) Medicaid voters will have voted against her in the 2010 mid-term election, this will help with that wavering constituency;

b) Medicaid voters make up the independents and moderate Democrats and Republican voters who oppose the health bill;

c) Medicaid voters who left the state after Katrina by the hundreds of thousands, have moved back to Louisiana;

d) None of the above.

And the answer is d), none of the above.

This $100 million is the cover story for her yes vote, and she will no longer be a U.S. Senator, since the demographics of Louisiana have changed so profoundly, and the vast majority of voters who have left are Democrats.

The prayers of her Republican opponent have been answered — she is going to vote YES.

Good-bye Senator Landrieu.