Carville: Only 57 Votes for ObamaCare in the Senate

Dem Senators are peeling off of President Obama’s government takeover of health care and its liberal fantasy land that spends more than a trillion and contains hundreds of billions in new taxes.

As James Carville told CNN, President Obama only has 57 votes.

Reuters James Pethokoukis is reporting that Senators Liberman, Landrieu and Nelson are at NO, and Bayh maybe too. Pethokoukis is reporting the same thing Hammond said in his memo, that reconciliation is a no-go. (Politico is reporting, correctly, that reconciliation rules would strip the Stupak amendment.)

As we all know, no 60 votes, no laundry. (Senator Reid needs 60 votes to break the filibuster on the motion to proceed to consider the bill. If he does not get 60 votes, ObamaCare never comes up on the Senate floor.)

There are whispers in Washington watering holes that some Dem Senators are quietly hoping Senator Nelson will vote against cloture on the motion to proceed. This will let the Senators who are up in 2010 off the hook from the nightmare of proceeding to this politically toxic bill. They want to avoid the bill, and avoid the litany of tough votes on immigration, hundreds of billions of new tax increases, the bill’s $1 Trillion plus in massive new spending, abortion, rationing of care and other killer amendments, including some on Second Amendment rights (guns).

Senator Nelson is essentially being asked to save the Democratic Party from the Jonestown Kool-Aid brigade at the White House and in the U.S. House leadership, who, even in the wake of:

1) the off-year elections results that saw the Independents vote against Democrats 2:1,
2) the Gallup poll +4 Republican Generic ballot, and
3) the brutal polling data against ObamaCare

refuse to understand that this bill is pure political cyanide.

It makes Machiavellian sense, instead of these Senators being forced to drink the Kool-Aid, for Senator Nelson to force feed the Jonestown Kool-Aid down ObamaCare’s throat. All while the other 2010 Senators vote with the White House and keep the liberal attack dogs off of themselves.

Senator Nelson is the best situated to do the deed: Moveon.org and the Deaniacs don’t get very far in Nebraska.

On the other hand, these watering hole whispers about Senator Nelson may not by true. Senators Nelson, Landrieu, Lincoln-Davis and Bayh may correctly believe that if they do not vote against cloture of the motion to proceed, the only recorded vote they will have on ObamaCare is a Yes, which will likely become the focal point of those voters in their state who are strongly opposed — and in the states the Senators mentioned above are from, “strongly opposed” make up their largest block of voters.