Mr. Pass Health Care with the Public Option Now Wants Congress to Pay for Jobs

When are the Democrats going to start cracking some heads over those who have been egging them off the cliff called health care reform?

Answer: when they lose some elections.

Oh, they did lose elections in VA and NJ — only twice in the history of Virgina has the GOP taken all three top state positions, and this is one of those two times. And the exit polls show the independents voting for the GOP by a 2 to 1 margin in both NJ and VA.

After the Dems lost these elections, they barely passed health care reform out of the House. And still Sen. Reid and the White House and the House Leadership will not change their pass-health-care mantra.

What is ironic is the Dems have been down this road before, with President Clinton — and they somehow believe that a farther left reform with a government run health insurance plan is going to make everything politically better. But even in Ohio and Connecticut polls show that it is not going to be OK.

The Dems won’t discipline those who got them to this politically painful place because the Democratic party’s pursuit of health care reform is not politically rational. They are all collectively putting their hand in the flame, and will not pull it out.

But for those not in the White House, or House or Senate leadership who are thinking rationally about politics, what must be really really annoying is to have listen to Mr. Pass Health Care Reform and the Pass the Public Option — Paul Krugman of the New York Times — now give political advice about growing jobs.

Mr. Pass Health Care Reform and the Public Option writes: “We could, for example, have New-Deal-style employment programs.” (In Krugman’s world, the government is always the hero.)

Just to give you a sense of how unbelievably politically stupid Krugman’s idea is: picture legions of America’s unemployed voluntarily working in work gangs, in government issued overalls, staying in government built camps, eating government issued food. Imagine the visuals. Remind you of anywhere?

Here is where it reminds Krugman of:

“Perhaps such a thing is politically impossible now — Glenn Beck would describe anything like the Works Progress Administration as a plan to recruit pro-Obama brownshirts — but we should note, for the record, that at their peak, the W.P.A. and the Civilian Conservation Corps employed millions of Americans, at relatively low cost to the budget.”

Krugman, knowing his own idea is politically DOA, still wants Congress to do it. Remind you of health care?

Note to Congress and the White House: Krugman keeps telling you to do politically stupid things. Don’t do them.