Finally! MSM Admits the Health Bill is not just a Health Bill

From ABC NEWS “Brushfires and Fantasies” by Rick Klein:

In a thousand-cuts kind of bill, some of the cuts are self-inflicted. The bleeding now, over abortion rights, adds to the long list of complications for Democrats who are balancing tricky math on the Hill.

“An attempt at healing, though after the fact: “This is a health care bill, not an abortion bill,” President Obama told ABC’s Jake Tapper in an interview yesterday.

But the president is no longer quite right. The health care bill has become an abortion bill — and an immigration bill, and a tax bill, and a jobs bill, and a spending bill — not to mention the most significant re-working of the nation’s health care system in half a century.

The growing scope is a consequence of the scope of the president’s ambitions, plus the ever-expanding need to attract more votes for something that not everyone agrees is a policy or political winner. (How long before we hear from Republicans that health care reform is simply too big not to fail?)”