Putting the Health Care Hurt on the Dems

From Charles Hurt:

“Saturday’s vote to create a massive government-run health-insurance program is to Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats what the Battle of Gettysburg was to the South.

It will be remembered as the high point of their unswerving efforts to demand government solutions to every big problem.

It was their most daring stab, deepest into enemy territory.

And the creeks will fill with the political blood of the dead who charged blindly into the angry enemy fire.

Long from now, gauzy-eyed liberals will tear up at the memory of those who pressed forward through the mindless carnage despite knowing full well the sure fate staring back at them.

For years, they will reminisce about which way who voted and how they were never the same after that.

And, like Gettysburg and the Confederacy, the vote will mark the beginning of the end for Pelosi and her doomed crew.”