Why is the House Voting First? Price Tag Hits $1.2 Trillion witout Doc Fix — $1.45 With Doc Fix

The news keeps getting tougher for the House Leadership in their irrational quest to pass their ObamaCare bill.

First, the Associated Press is reporting the bill will cost $1.2 Trillion without the doctor fix of $250 billion.

The new total will be $1.45 trillion — because the House Leadership intends to create a “self-executing rule” that would pull the doctor fix apart from the House ObamaCare bill — in order to keep the cost at $1.2 Trillion, then fuse the doc fix back into the ObamaCare bill after it passes the House.

It is like a magic trick, presto — $250 billion in new spending just appears in the bill after it passes.

Meanwhile, the new $1.45 billion ought to send the Blue Dogs scampering from the bill.

Then, of course, the House is finally grappling with two thermonuclear issues: abortion and immigration.

But, as numerous news reports state, the Democratic Leaders still do not have the votes for the bill — rumors abound, the most credible put the House vote count at less than 200 for the bill.

The more fundamental question is, why is the U.S. House voting before the U.S. Senate? House leadership has already moved the vote from Thursday to Friday, and are now talking about the vote being moved to Saturday or Monday of Tuesday of next week. House leaders should just punt the vote until after the Senate, and save their members — and themselves — the pain of voting.

Especially when the Senate is now talking post-Thanksgiving for its floor vote?

Why is the Speaker forcing its members to walk the plank again, prior to the Senate vote, especially when it is likely that the bill will never get off the Senate floor?

The politics of this health bill are irrational, and they keep getting more and more irrational.

Try defending a $1.45 Trillion bill to independent voters already concerned about our $1.4 trillion deficit, federal funding for abortion, prohibitions on illegal immigrants getting health benefits that are not enforceable, health record databases that contain information about gun ownership, premiums that increase, your own health plan changing to fit the government run health information exchange parameters, government control and mandates over your life expanding to include payment of fines and taxes, forcing you to buy a health plan or face the IRS and a huge new entitlement program, while the bill breaks promises made the deficit, abortion, illegal immigrants, taxes and being able to keep your health plan.

Congress has a total political failure on its hands, but its leadership keeps insisting they must pass it.

They will reap the consequences of their stubborn refusal to listen to the American people, who overwhelmingly oppose the plan. According to this poll released today, 59% of likely voters say the country is on the wrong track and 51% oppose the ObamaCare plan.