Mrs. Speaker, Call the Health Care Vote

CongressDaily is reporting that the House Leadership thinks they have 218 votes for ObamaCare. Speaker Pelosi herself said she “definitely” has 218 votes.

Call the vote on ObamaCare NOW Mrs. Speaker, if you have the votes, call the vote.

But you will not call the vote, because you don’t have the votes. And you will not call the vote anytime soon.

Here is one report from one source, who is as credible and well informed as they get, who wrote this after meeting with a Dem Chief of Staff (CoS):

Rep. Bart Stupak, leader of the pro-life Dems, has at least 50 votes in opposition to the bill. The CoS [Chief of Staff] also said there are lots of pro-choice Dems who don’t believe federal funding should be used for abortion. Ratchet the number up some more.

Then there are the Blue Dogs who don’t like it. And the CoS does not think they will roll. The BDs [Blue Dogs] took a licking at home after the Cap-and-Trade vote and then again during the August recess. They do not desire to repeat that.

Then you have Dems with Dem Governors back home telling them they can’t afford what the feds are about to throw at them via Medicaid.

Then you have the Dems in districts with large senior populations who are not happy with the Medicare cutbacks being proposed.

And Pelosi thinks she can get 218 out of this? “Ha!” laughed the CoS.

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