The Long Awaited Dem-on-Dem Tax Fight has Arrived

Politico provides a ring-side seat for the long awaited Dem-on-Dem tax fight for ObamaCare funding:

“Now the competing wings are locked in a behind-the-scenes tussle in the House over how to pay for the proposal.

Liberals have drawn a line, with the help of organized labor, against the Senate plan to tax high-end health care plans, arguing it would ensnare too many middle-income workers. And moderates are raising red flags about the millionaire’s tax.

“The problem with the surtax is that wages don’t keep up with the costs of health care,” said Rep. Jason Altmire (D-Pa.), a member of the conservative Blue Dog Coalition who would rather not raise taxes at all.

“Every year, you lose ground,” he said. “It’s likely after 10 years, we fall off a cliff.”

With party leaders in both chambers committed to their separate approaches, this financing showdown is unlikely to be resolved until Democrats meld the House and Senate bills in a joint conference committee. In the interim, evidence keeps mounting against both proposals.”

Another structural political impediment to the design and consensus necessary to pass ObamaCare. Hmmmm.