Is the Insurers Study the Start of "a Real Shooting War" on ObamaCare?

Like most questions in the world of ObamaCare, the best answer is usually “we’ll see.”

And when the Associated Press reported:

“We’ve got ourselves a real health care shooting war now,” said Robert Laszewski, a former health insurance executive turned consultant. “The industry has come to the conclusion that the way things are going in Congress, we’ll have a … formula that will be disastrous for their business, so they can’t stand on the sidelines any longer.”

it is reasonable to conclude that the reality is that its not a real shooting war until the television ads start.

The cause of the first signs of a fire-fight is that the insurers were promised a mandate that would force all Americans to buy one of their health plans. The left is apoplectic about the mandate unless there is a public option, and on the question of a public option, the insurers are at a-dig-in-the-foxhole-and-hold-your-ground-NO.

But an amendment by Senator Schumer weakened that deal point so significantly that the insurers began to conclude that they were being promised things that were not materializing.

And, in the end, it was this deal point, combined with all the other things that the insurers have been force fed, that forced them to act: they could not stand by and be silent any longer.

Therefore, the PriceWaterhouseCooper study was released, aimed directly at the weakest political point of ObamaCare: those with health insurance now will see their rates spike $4,000 a year.

This is a really big deal for a single reason: everyone is for health care reform, until their own health care is reformed. Then, not so much.

The Dems know that this is the greatest weakness of their quest to reform health care. If those with health insurance believe their own costs will go up, ObamaCare could die on the House or Senate floor, after a long and ugly thrashing around like a fish on the beach or the bottom of a boat.