California Medical Association Criticizes Senate Bill

Perhaps this is the first sign that the nation’s doctors will have the courage to stand up and oppose the latest version of ObamaCare.

I mean, if even the deep-blue California Medical Association is criticizing it, then it really has to be bad for the Democrats.

MedicalNewsToday reports:

“Health care reform being drafted by the U.S. Senate Finance Committee fails to fix fundamental funding problems in the nation’s Medicare and Medicaid systems and therefore threatens the ability of senior citizens and poor Californians to gain reliable access to a doctor, the California Medical Association said today.

“The bottom line is if this bill becomes law, many senior citizens will end up struggling to find a doctor to see them,” said Dr. Dev GnanaDev, CMA [California Medical Association] president. “Under the Baucus plan, Medicare payments to California physicians could be cut by 30 percent, and if that in fact happens, doctors will leave the program in droves and access to care will be significantly impaired.”

The CMA, MedicalNewsToday reports, “has long advocated for reform that provides universal access to health care and supports many elements of the House legislation H.R. 3200….”