Politico Outs the Secret Plan to Pass ObamaCare

Politico (again) breaks a major story this morning with its outing of the Dem secret plan that Brian Darling of the Heritage Foundation has been warning of for more than ten days:

a former House and Senate leadership aide sent an email sketching out another route to passage. Instead of introducing a Senate bill, Majority Leader Reid could insert the merged health care reform language into a revenue raising House bill already languishing in conference committee. The Senate would pass it and send it to the House whereupon passage, it would go straight to the president’s desk – completely bypassing conference. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

By cutting out conference, this single-bullet scenario eliminates weeks of expected wrangling and would make it possible to pass a bill by the Thanksgiving target so many Democrats are aiming for. Many insiders agree that a conference committee would make that goal next to impossible.

The Democrats are raping the Congressional process to pass ObamaCare:

i) create a Vapor Bill without legislative language to hide the legislative language from the American people and other Senators until the bill is already on the Senate floor;
ii) get a Vapor Score on a Vapor Bill — even though the Congressional Budget Office says they cannot provide an accurate score without the legislative language — which CBO did not get because it does not exist;
iii) move to the motion to proceed on a House bill that is not the health care bill, but is the AIG bonus bill, then gut it and amend it with the first-time-ever-seen health reform legislative language;
iv) add the public option AFTER ending a filibuster with 60 votes; and,
v) skip a House-Senate conference and have the President sign the bill.

This is why the Founding Fathers warned of the tyranny of the majority.

The U.S. Congress, under the Democrats, is being run like a banana republic where the dictator violates any and all fair processes with little regard for public opinion — that is, until the 2010 elections, where, if the Dems carry out these outrageous and flagrant flaunting follies they will have their heads handed to them.

All of these flags-on-the-play violations to pass a bill that Zogby finds 60% of the American people oppose? Or if you prefer the Pew Poll version, only 34% of Americans support it.

Really, the Dems need to take a breath, and seriously consider their politically irrational and lemming-like behavior.

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