Video: Candidate Obama being Honest about Health Care Reform Taxes and Medicare "Savings"

The difference between President Obama’s Joint Session of Congress speech on health care and this early primary campaign speech is stark and dramatic.

Candidate Obama admits the savings from Medicare reforms are theory, that Americans will have to pay more in taxes and that transitioning to a single payer system would be allowing everyone to join Medicare.

Now? His plan won’t add a dime to the deficit and his savings from cuts to Medicare will fund the lion’s share of his plan. But if you were wondering, does the President really believe what he said in his Joint Session of Congress and were wondering can he ever be honest about this subject — take a look at the video below.

Candidate Obama even makes a crack at the end of the video about how dangerous it is for a President to be saying to the country, we’re going this way, and to look behind him, and no one is following.

h/t Naked Emperor News and Gateway Pundit