AP: the "Most Toxic Environment for Democrats since 1994," When they Lost 54 Seats

Go ahead, pass the toxic ObamaCare, and get your heads handed to you.

You collectively could (proudly) pull a Eric Massa (D-NY) – and not listen to your constituents.

After all, ObamaCare is directly responsible for the polls and current really bad public attitude towards Congress.

Why not continue to do as your told by the White House, and walk off the cliff? (I mean, it will be historic — and the White House really does care more about your re-election than it does about ObamaCare. Really, really.)

Congress continues to look like Obama’s puppets. First, Democrats say illegal aliens will not get health care, and their is no need for an explicit prohibition, because the President says so. Then the White House changes their mind and says there will be an explicit prohibition in the bill. What does Congress say? The President is wrong? Or does Congress say “we were wrong?”

And now the President is beginning to make the same noises on abortion. Will Congress be triangulated again by Obama? Will Congress dance to the new tune, when it starts to be sung?

And now that it is clear the reason there will be no public option “trigger” is because the Senate can’t pass any kind of Public Option, even a trigger — then what is the President going to say to the House liberals?

Or how about the half trillion in Medicare cuts that some Senate Democrats are backing away from — particularly with regard to the $178 billion in cuts from Medicare advantage. What tune will the House dance to now? The walk the plank on the seniors vote tune, it sounds like. Please, go first, before the Senate, the White House insists — and we your leadership want you to go first too — it will be better — trust us.

And it has come to this, the Associated Press is finally reporting the obvious, 2010 will be a very bad year for the Democrats — echoing Charlie Cooks warning that Democrats in Congress should “be terrified.”

From AP:

“From New Hampshire to Nevada, House Democrats also will be forced to defend votes on Obama’s $787 billion economic recovery package and on energy legislation viewed by many as a job killer in an already weak economy.

“Add to that the absence of Obama from the top of the ticket, which could reduce turnout among blacks, liberals and young people, and the likelihood of a highly motivated GOP base confused by the president’s proposed health care plan and angry at what they consider reckless spending and high debt.

“Taken together, it could be the most toxic environment for Democrats since 1994, when the party lost 34 House incumbents and 54 seats altogether. Democrats currently have a 256-178 edge in the House, with one vacancy. Republicans would have to pick up 40 seats to regain control.”


Without Obama on the ticket, a lower predicted black turnout in 2010 could also affect Democrats in several tight races in the South. These include Reps. Bobby Bright and Parker Griffith of Alabama, Travis Childers of Mississippi, and Tom Perriello of Virginia, who won by just 745 votes last year in a district that is 24 percent black.

Concerns about Obama’s health care plan and the mounting federal debt could ensnare two first-term Florida Democrats, Alan Grayson and Suzanne Kosmas. Both represent districts along the state’s competitive I-4 corridor, which is heavily populated by independent voters and retirees. Polls show Obama has lost ground among both of those demographic groups nationwide.