Obama, Organizing Our Community

President Obama, please keep it up. You are the best thing the conservative movement has going right now. I have never witnessed the passion against all of your ideas since the waning days of the Carter Administration.

After President Barack Obama was sworn in with soaring approval ratings and a mandate for leadership, many were worried. Not so much these days.

According to Gallup, Obama’s poll numbers have dipped from 69% to 53%. This is lower than Presidents Kennedy, Bush 41, Bush 43, Eisenhower, Nixon and Carter. Please keep pushing forward Mr. President, because whatever you are doing, it is working.

This health care debate has been particularly good for the conservative movement and most of us would like to see you never back away from the public option.

It has caused Democrat Representatives to be the subject of yelling matches at Town Halls throughout the nation.

The Tea Party movement has sprung up and organized the right, again, thanks to you. A huge rally in Washington, DC on September 12th has been motivated to rise up against your policies – it could not have happened without you. Talk radio is a household name again, with massive new listenership (hat tip to your Press Secretary for this one).

Rasmussen has the generic Republican v Democrat generic Congressional Ballot at with a 7 point advantage for Republicans. President John McCain (if he had been elected) could have not pulled this off.

ObamaCare has moved the American public 14% points from a solid Democrat lead to a solid Republican lead.

I urge you, Mr. President, to double down and never back away from any element of your Obama Care proposal.

I want to thank you, and urge you to fight on for Change.

Mr. President, you are the best thing that has happened to Republicans since President Carter caused the Reagan Revolution.

Truly, ObamaCare is historic.