Senator Kennedy's Office will be Closed October 25th

Periodically, I will be posting writings by Honeymoon with a Black Widow, here is the third:

Will a GOP Senator please make the following statement on the floor of the U.S. Senate?

It was reported in this morning’s newspapers that Senator Ted Kennedy’s staff has been ordered to close his office, and that their employment with the U.S. Senate would end October 25. It was suggested, in particular, that Senator Kennedy’s casework operation would be unable to continue its services to the people of Massachusetts.

In honor of Senator Kennedy’s memory, and in view of the unusual length of time that his office has been in existence, I believe that it would be reasonable to keep his staff on the Senate payroll until February 1 — roughly the time when his successor would be sworn in — and to allow the office to continue in its current space until that time.

Conversely, of course, I believe it would be particularly sleazy to use this situation in order to “change the election rules in the middle of the game” — for the second time in five years.

[Meaning that Massachusetts should not change the law to allow the Governor to appoint a U.S. Senator, but instead, should follow the current law and as the New York Times, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal have editorialized: Let the Voters of Massachusetts Decide Who their Next U.S. Senator should Be. Massachusetts had allowed the Governor to appoint a U.S. Senator should one die or leave office. But in the false expectation that Senator Kerry would be President, and given that at the time there was a Republican governor, the Massachusetts state legislature changed the law to what it is now — to prevent a Republican being appointed. Now, they want to change the law back again, and there is a hearing on Tuesday in the Massachusetts state legislature to accomplish just that.]

I would intent to introduce and push for consideration of legislation which would achieve the objectives I have outlined.

[In other words, Senator Kennedy’s staff can stay, but no appointed Senator, just an elected one.]