Speaker Pelosi Stands Firm on the Public Option, Essentially Tells the White House to Go Pound Sand

There was a point in the last comprehensive health care reform debate (The Great Hillarycare War) when the House Ways and Means Committee passed out its health care reform bill despite what was an obvious revolt in the country.

It was irrational political behavior. For about five minutes, the opponents of Hillarycare were stunned.

And then the opposition decided to pull out all the stops.

That moment in The Great Obamacare War arrived yesterday, when the Speaker of the House stood firm on the public option, essentially telling the White House to go pound sand.

In effect, Speaker Pelosi just called in an air-strike on her own position.

This is not going to be pretty.

It will likely cost her the Speakership. After the 2010 elections.

If the President of her own party cannot convince her to stand down, no one can, and so now, she has essentially subjected her own members to unrestricted (obviously, non-violent) political warfare by those who oppose the public plan option.

The Pelosi-Waxman Alliance on Cap and Trade and Health Care is politically killing the Democrats in the House, and by sticking with the Public Option, Speaker Pelosi is insuring the House bill will never pass the Senate, and the Senate will see Speaker Pelosi’s position as a reason why they should just let the bill die in the Senate. I mean, with the Public Option, its not going to pass the Senate anyway.