Democratic House Chairman of the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health Calls Blue Dogs "Brain Dead"

The intolerance of the left wing of the Democratic Party’s members of Congress for those who do not agree with them on health care reform was on display again, in public. Many of the old bull Democratic House Chairmen are hard core leftists, like the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee’s Health Subcommittee, Pete Stark (D-CA).

Yesterday, Stark pounded his fellow Democratic colleagues on health care reform. In a media conference call sponsored by Campaign for America’s Future, Congressman Stark called Blue Dogs “brain dead,” and went on to say:

“They’re just looking to raise money from insurance companies and promote a right-wing agenda that is not really very useful in this whole process.”

(Subcommittee Chairman Stark has called Health Savings Accounts the weapons of mass destruction of health care and he is a strong supporter of a single payer Canadian style health care system.)

But his attack on the Blue Dogs really signals his general level of frustration and his contempt for his colleagues. (You have to be really over to the left if you think the Blue Dogs are “right-wing.”)

It also means that Stark has all but written off their support for his health care bill — and is yet another indication that the left-wing of the Democratic party is isolated and beside themselves over the attacks on their plan, and its lack of support among their Democratic colleagues.