The Health Care Bomb Damage Assessment Report

The secondary effects of the bomb of the Obama health care plan have not stopped, and could be just the beginning of a really bad set of political problems.

This from the Washington Post, so far, Obamacare has wrought:

political damage [that] is already considerable. Obama has seen one of the largest drops in approval for a new president in modern times. Confidence among political independents that Obama has the ability to make the right decisions has fallen by 20 percentage points since his inauguration.

But the Democrats keep acting and saying things as if none of this has happened, leading the public to conclude the Democrats are not listening, making them even angrier.

By pushing that toxic health plan and insisting they are going to fight for it, and do it all without any Republicans, the Democrats are are just waving a red flag in front of a bull, that is already fed up, angry and has big, sharp horns.

But hey, it is fun to watch.

At a certain point, it will be pathetic and embarrassing, and that point is getting closer.