Rigged Town Hall Report, by DerKrieger

The following is a comment left by a reader which I felt merited a separate post.

Thank you DerKrieger, posted Tuesday, August 18th at 9:14PM EDT:

Congressman Vic Snyder held a rigged townhall meeting at the Statehouse Convention Center to promote HR3200, the Obama Healthcare Plan. The meeting was not even given 24 hours notice and was held at noon, instead of after work hours. The moderator for the meeting was Skip Rutherford, Clinton School Dean, and former consultant to the Democrat National Commitee. Rutherford was also the decider of who got to ask questions. Snyder wasted the first 13 minutes or so giving the usual claims on what the bill will do (no page #s). He once again accused those who opposed healthcare of being for nothing, despite the other healthcare bill HR2520. Snyder staff members held the microphones and often moved them away from people who disagreed with HR3200. The second questioner is an obvious political plant. A real townhall meeting is being scheduled by Secure Arkansas for August 28th at UALR.