MediaCurves: And the best Anti-Obamacare TV Ad Award Goes to...

MediaCurves did a survey of television ads on Obamacare, and determined that the most effective anti-Obamacare ad is this one.

Here are some of the MediaCurve study results about this ad:

“A majority of all parties believe FRC anti-reform ad is effective….

A positive impact score among Democrats suggests that there is some, albeit modest, movement of Democrats away from the pro health care reform camp,” commented Glenn Kessler, president and CEO, HCD Research.

The majority of all parties reported that the FRC anti reform ad was effective, with 64% of Democrats, 81% of Republicans and 71% of Independents indicating that the ad was either extremely effective or somewhat effective. The top three emotions felt by Democrats while viewing the ad included “anger” (26%), “skepticism” (24%) and “disturbing” (20%). Republicans’ top emotions were “anger” (34%), “sadness” (22%) and “disturbing” (20%) and Independents top emotions were “anger” (28%), “disturbing” (26%) and “skepticism” (23%) while viewing the FRC ad.

And for those of you wondering at the power of the abortion/pro-life issue in this Obamacare debate: no other issue has as many NO Democratic votes as does putting abortion in the Obamacare bill.

According to the leading pro-life Democrat, there are 40 Democratic NO votes if taxpayer funded abortion remains in the Obamacare bills in the House and the Senate versions. And given the Democrats overwhelming support for abortion, there is no reason to assume that the Democrats will take abortion out of the bill.

In fact, there have been amendments offered in every House and Senate Committee that has considered the Obamacare bill, and every amendment to prohibit abortion as a benefit failed, in fact, one amendment on the House side guarantees that every American will have a choice of a plan with abortion coverage.