Video: NY Dem Congressman Admits "We Lose Another Three Million People in America" Everytime there's a Town Hall Media Frenzy

UPDATED: It seems the Democratic Party has a new town hall strategy: do not have them.

Or, in the case of one Blue Dog, don’t show up in your district.

Or if you have a town hall meeting, have it in a union hall and give only a select group of folks 24 hours notice.

Here are the comments (below) from the enterprising ColdWarrior RedStater — which are too good not to include prior to the video:

Well, it’s not much of an update. Just called his office again to find out when he was going to have a town hall meeting with real constituents like me. Answer: he won’t. Was he in the office? No. Would he be in the office tomorrow? No, he would be in meetings. I asked to be included. Nope. Why not? Not open to the public. NONE of his meetings during the recess are open to the public. The only “town hall” he’ll have is a telephone conference call.

I told Tiffany, his staffer, that I was again making a request to meet with him face to face. And I reminded her I had made this request many times over the past few months.

I also let her know that Harry was becoming infamous as one of the “Milk Carton” Democrats who apparently are afraid of their constituents and prefer to be “missing.” I also chuckled that ol’ Harry might find in the future that this type of constituent “service” might backfire in terms of getting himself reelected.

Do you, too, have a “Milk Carton Democrat” as one or more of your elected representatives in the House and Senate?

Thank you.


Here is the video: