Obamacare Supporters Out Spend Critics 5 to 1 on TV Ads, Web Trumping MSM

With the massive union and Phrma spending in support of President Obama’s health reform bill, supporters have outspent opponents five to one, according to the New York Times:

Supporters of Mr. Obama’s plan to overhaul the system have outspent opponents, with $24 million worth of advertising, compared with $9 million from opponents. An additional $24 million has been broadly spent in support of overhauling the system without backing a specific plan.

While President Obama is attempting to lay blame for his health care reform plan loss of support among the public because of health industry money, the big money, Phrma and the unions, is on his side: $48 million for Obamacare to $9 million against.

So, why is support dropping for President Obama personally? His health care plan specifically? And Democrats generally on the issue of health care, if the White House has a five to one dollar advantage on ad buys?

I’d say its the same reason the American public no longer trust the Democratic-boot-licking-national-television-media on health care reform, and the same reason that President Obama went after emails on the web — the American people know they cannot trust the mainstream media on health care reform. Similarily, the majority of Likely Voters now trust the GOP more than the Dems on health care.

So, the opponent’s message is getting to the American people via the web, and American public are tuning out the national-Obama-boot-licking-media.

In fact, the beginning of President Obama’s health care troubles began with his multi-hour ABC NEWS health care infomercial, when opponents took his quotes and began emailing them to their friends.

So when the liberals and the media and the Democrats start blaming the health care industry for blocking change, it’s not true, the health care industry is backing President Obama’s health reform at a rate of $5 in pro-Obama TV ad, for every $1 spent against.