The DNC Talks Back to Town Hallers

In an attempt to portray the crowds showing up at Congressmen’s town hall meetings as Republican and Libertarian hacks, the DNC spokesperson takes on Max Pappas from Freedom Works.

Even the Politico reporter acknowledges a) that there were no Democrats who showed up, in liberal Democrats’ districts (hmmm) and b) town halls are usually calm quiet events where a few constituents show up.

Pappas points out that even when Freedom Works tries to get people to show up to town hall meetings, they have been pleasantly surprised at the highly unusual and HUGE interest and turn out among its folks.

Of course, while Freedom Works is getting pegged for the turnouts, many other groups — the tea partyers and Conservatives for Patients’ Rights, have been massing turn outs too.

The Politico reporter and the DNC vs. Pappas debate is worth checking out.