(Really, Really) Obamacare Outlaws Individual Insurance

If you are in an individual health insurance plan, you cannot get a new one, period. You must go to the government-run Health Information Exchange, which is just an arm of the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, who will control every plan in the Exchange, and every detail of every plan.

Its BIG BROTHER (in the Orwellian sense) health care.

Here is what the second Investor’s Business Daily editorial on the same subject said:

Rep. Dave Camp, the ranking member on Ways and Means, told us that “any existing plan will not be able to enroll members.” There will be “a prohibition,” the Michigan Republican said, “on enrolling individuals in private health plans” after the bill becomes law in 2013.

It was also confirmed by Ways and Means staff director Cybele Bjorklund, who, in response to questions from Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin during a committee markup session, admitted last week that insurance providers “cannot create new policies outside of that window outside of the exchange.”

The exchange is not a private marketplace as IBD points out:

the exchange will not be a private market. It will be a program in which Americans can buy individual plans from private companies in competition with the “public option” provision of the bill that will provide taxpayer-subsidized coverage.

But that’s only part of the story. The exchange will be a highly regulated clearinghouse of providers that meet the government’s standards. Only those providers that follow Washington’s stringent guidelines will be allowed to join this exclusive club.

The government, through an unelected health choices commissioner, will set premiums, dictate benefits, determine deductibles and establish coverage. Exchange participants will be required to insure anyone who asks to be covered and to accept all renewals. Ryan believes the weight of the mandates will mean only five or six providers will be able to survive and sell coverage in the exchange.

Anyone who wonders how such an exchange will operate need only look at Massachusetts, home to the only health coverage exchange in existence. The Cato Institute’s Michael Tanner testified before the Kansas House in 2007 that “in practice, at least as demonstrated in Massachusetts,” an exchange “can quickly devolve into a regulatory body.”

It’s government run everything. And if you don’t like your government-run Health Information Exchange, you can have your government other, even more government run health plan.

It’ll cost a trillion dollars and destroy our health care, but it will make President Obama feel better about America.