The Mainstream Media's Roll in Obama's Health Reform Troubles

The media has been using White House talking points to sell President Obama’s health reform plan, and it has had the opposite effect — polls are dropping. President Obama is worse off than GW Bush was at this point in the Bush presidency, and on health care, President Obama is sinking even faster.

What the media fails to realize is that their non-critical reporting on Obamacare has played a role in the President’s dropping poll numbers on health care specifically, and on the economy too.

A quick look at the various cable outlets today show they have adopted this lets-teach-everyone-about-Obamacare, to help move the poll numbers back up.

In fact, the media love in makes it force Americans to find other sources of news, which are increasingly the “new media” which carries a more critical tone, than the cable news and networks who are just reading and transmitting White House press releases.

If the media teach in keeps up on Obamacare, his plan will sink even lower.

The media love fest is really saying that all the Republicans and all the moderate Democrats are wrong about their concerns about the Obama plan, and that it does not need to be changed.

Why aren’t the media reporting that polls show only one-third of seniors support the health reform plan? Or that the $500 billion in Medicare cuts are going to increase, to put less pressure on a new tax cut, and that the senior’s support will drop even further? Or that Congress is constitutionally incapable of cutting Medicare?

Media happy talk has jeopardized this bill, and will continue to do so by discrediting the White House’s talking points. It is counter-intuitive, but it is true.