Yes, I am defending Mark Sanford

Where is the loyalty, the understanding among friends, the OK, you screwed up, how can we help?

Where is the riding to the rescue of a fallen comrade? Why all this contempt and moral high-horse-nose-up-stuff?

To judge him, even based on his own words and actions as reported by the reliable media, seems like reading a paragraph from a book, and attempting to determine the whole story from that one paragraph.

We know precious little, that he had an affair of the heart, that his wife has thrown him out of the house and that he traveled to Argentina to end his love affair because of his responsibilities to his family and his State.

Being unfaithful to your wife is wrong. Lying to your family is wrong. The pain and humiliation Gov. Sanford has gone through is a direct result of his own actions. I get it.

But what I do not get is how half the marriages in this country end in divorce without the pressures of public life, and yet, those in public life are supposed to thread the needle of the normal stress of any marriage, in addition to many, many more.

Really, if half the marriages end in divorce in this country, under normal circumstances, why are people wondering why there is a rash of politicians, whose lives are multiple times more difficult, who stumble or trip?

Are those without a caravan of media following them, or bloggers, or watchers and parsers constantly invading their lives, able to judge?

Why can’t we just grow up a little and ask if, just possibly, there were other forces that would contort a principled man to these acts?

Who knows where his marriage went, or why, or how, or if all the fault lies with him, or any manner of things that we will never know.

Were interns, pages, prostitutes, road-side rest areas or bathroom stalls involved? Was there a water filled car under a bridge with a dead young girl in it? No.

It is time we just collectively grow up a little. Love happens.

Perfection in human affairs is unobtainable. Just like getting to zero risk is unattainable. And for those who seek perfection or zero risk, you are in for a world of disappointment.

In fact, it is not obtainable and for team GOP to cut one of its best players because he fell in love seems petty, judgmental, and short sighted.

For some there are no circumstances or event or reasons or history that will explain or excuse what Gov. Sanford did — for me, I am just not there. Love is a big enough reason for me. Love that he sacrificed for his responsibilities. Love that has caused him and his family untold pain. Is not that punishment enough?

God is the only one who should judge, because God is the only one with all the facts.