Washington Bureaucrats to be Given Power to Re-write Your Health Plan, Without Your Input

Keith Hennessey has analyzed the House version of the Democratic Party’s health care reform bill, and compared and contrasted it with Senator Kennedy’s health care bill.

The parallels are significant, and while Senator Kennedy’s bill has very few specifics, it does give the Executive Branch, specifically the Secretary of HHS, a blank check to re-write your health plan and any other health plan you will be allowed to buy.

The striking thing about the U.S. House bill is that it is even more devoid of details and more empowering to the Executive Branch.

Your health care plan will change radically, and you will have no choice or say so in the matter, nor will Congress, unless it passes a new law, which is a really high bar.

If you give a bureaucrat the power to interfere in your health plan, they will. The House bill does that writ large.

Click here for Keith Hennessey’s analysis of the U.S. House bill.

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