Finally, a Real Star Trek Captain

From the diaries by Erick.

For those of you who have watched the various television and movie versions of Star Trek, and have been wondering when are we going to see a real Star Trek Captain, finally we have one.

James Tiberius Kirk is back.

For those who like to give the middle finger to the world of the politically correct, buy two tickets, and settle in for a great show.

Parents who want to teach their children examples of leadership and courage — and sacrifice, take the whole family.

James Tiberius Kirk has always been a leadership role model, a character of great courage and vision and purpose.

There are far too few examples in today’s world of you-can’t-shake-hands-at-graduation because you might get a mild flu.

To those looking for an antedote to the wimpy, lets live in a risk free world, hang-wringing whiners — this movie is it.

It will be the biggest Star Trek ever, and finally brings some flaws, humor and humanity back to Star Trek, instead of the oh so morally superior, preachy Captain Picard.

The great thing about the movie is that the crew, not just Kirk, rocks.

There is great texture, depth, pain, suffering, defeat, triumph and grayness in each of them — and the movie brings them out to create a highly effective and personally appealing crew.

This is the control-alt-delete Star Trek, rebooting the entire story and time line.

The director J.J. Abrams has given Star Trek another two decades of life — hats off to the entire team.