There Ought to be a Law Against 'Crying Wolf' over Swine Flu

Silly me, I thought that once the leadership of Homeland Security, Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization learned that the Swine Flu was mild they would collectively stop killing the economy and overburdening the health care system.  I thought they would step down from their Pandemic Podium and use some common sense, both practical and political.

But alas, they have the spotlight and their diminished audience not withstanding, they are going to keep talking, regardless of the needless stress on the economy, health care system or the fact the public universally believes they have been and continue to cry wolf.

So here is what the Pandemic Podium has to say: 2 billion people on the planet may get the Swine Flu and that the Swine Flu, it will last for two years, beware of the second wave of infection and the H1N5 Bird Flu could mutate and the American public — sniff — are being complacent.

But they don’t emphasize that it is no more lethal than the Flu that circulates the planet now or that Flu mutates in every country, mutates all the time, and has since the dawn of man.

So what we have is a collection of people who think that a new mild flu deserves that churches should end Communion, professors, parents and students should stop shaking hands at graduations, elementary, junior high and high school and college teams should stop shaking hands at the end of football, lacrosse, baseball, soccer and other sporting events, and the teams should make a respectful bow instead.

How else can you say that these people are fearful idiots, who have a sense of risk that far exceeds sense of risk that the average American believes?

Since the fear-feast-Swine-Flu-podium team thinks millions of Americans should change their lives because of new mild flu, overburden the health care system, depress economic activity and otherwise distract people from going about their daily lives — and the fear-feast-Swine-Flu team won’t shut up — then counter political force must be applied for them to see reason.

Congress should pass a law that stops funding the Pandemic Fear-fest team until they change their pandemic index to account for whether a new flu is mild or has a higher or significantly higher lethality rate for humans. Any pandemic must have some context.  The index does not account for any context, it just screams pandemic.  And the index is at odds with what the public universally views as a pandemic.

Second, since the approval rating of Congress is so low, and they are in awe of the pandemic machinery of state, a plan B must be in place if Congress does not act.

Mexico should sue each U.S. government entity and the World Health Organization for a reasonable estimate of a week’s gross national product, just for starters.

Second, there should be a class action suit by restaurants, movie theaters, sporting event venues and others who can reasonably claim lost sales because of the hysterics of the fear-fest team.

There has been much more harm done by this over-reaction to a mild new flu than if the U.S. government had done nothing.

First, they have caused billions of dollars in excess health care costs and lost revenue across the globe (including the Egyptian pig farmers whose pigs were slaughtered because the Muslim government had been looking for an excuse for a very long time to do just that).

Second, their crying-wolf has exposed the fact that there is a massive cultural gap between the folk running these organizations and the public at large.  The public does not believe that you can stop the spread of the flu, nor does it believe there should be repeated statements about a pandemic and “complacency” when the new flu is a mild one.

What the pandemic-podium team has done is make the public heavily discount every thing they say.  So when the real “big one” hits, no one will listen, or when they do listen, the flu will have spread so far and wide it will be impossible to stop.

For those on pandemic podium fear-fest team reading this:  mostly, the whole swine flu party thing is really just about making fun of you — as in you are being ridiculed.

In short, laws should be put in place to prevent camera hungry and quote happy bureaucrats from stressing out the health care system and crying wolf over any new mild flu.  A price needs to be paid by these people for their inaccuracies and tone-deaf reaction.